Sonata a Quattro in D – Arcangelo Corelli

Sonata a Quattro in D – Arcangelo Corelli

In today’s video, we present an amazing interpretation of Arcangelo Corelli’s Sonata in D Major, played by baroque trumpet and organ. The Sonata in D Major by Arcangelo Corelli is an elegant example of Baroque music. This particular sonata is characterised by its lively tempos, which display Corelli’s skill.

In this interpretation, the Baroque trumpet leads the melody, while the organ creates the perfect musical ambience. The trumpet is known for being a difficult instrument to play, but the musician, a priest from the Heralds of the Gospel, delivers a majestic and vibrant sound. The organ adds depth to the music, creating a grand and rich sound.

Arcangelo Corelli was an Italian teacher, conductor, violinist and composer.

Little is known about his life. He was educated in Bologna and Rome and spent most of his career there, being sponsored by great aristocrats and ecclesiastics.

He was the dominant personality in Roman musical life until his last years and highly esteemed internationally, he was disputed by the courts and admitted to the most prestigious artistic and intellectual society of his time, the Academy of Arcadia, being called "the new Orpheus", "the prince of musicians".

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